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Navigating through terms and conditions can be a daunting task. But there’s no need to worry, I read the fine print, so you don’t have to!

As an expert in travel law and loyalty programs, I’m committed to providing clear and accurate information to help you maximise travel perks and rewards!

Below I set out some of the top travel hacks that you need to know about, especially if you’re constantly travelling. These amazing travel tips can save you money, offer you benefits, and protect your rights. In short, they’re seriously worth knowing!


#1 IHG’s Best Price Guarantee

When planning your travels, finding the best price for your accommodation is often at the top of the list. After working for InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) in 2022, I discovered an amazing perk offered by IHG.

IHG’s Best Price Guarantee Policy is a promise to their guests that the best rates for any IHG property can be found directly on IHG’s official website or booking channels. The policy ensures that if you find a lower rate for the same hotel, room type, and booking dates on a third-party website within 24 hours of making your reservation, IHG will not only match that lower rate but also give you five times the IHG Rewards Club points, up to a 40,000-point maximum.

How IHG’s Best Price Guarantee Benefits You:

The benefits of IHG’s Best Price Guarantee are twofold. Firstly, it eliminates the need for spending hours browsing various websites in search of the best deal. You can confidently book directly through IHG, knowing you’re getting the best price available.

Secondly, it gives you the chance to earn extra IHG Rewards Club points if you do happen to find a lower rate elsewhere. These points can be redeemed for future stays, making your travel even more rewarding.

Trusting in IHG’s Best Price Guarantee:

With a wide range of brands under the IHG umbrella, their Best Price Guarantee policy is more than just a commitment; it’s a mark of trust. IHG ensures transparency and trust in their booking process, reinforcing their reputation for outstanding customer service.

Overall, IHG’s Best Price Guarantee policy is an amazing money saving tool for savvy travellers. It simplifies the booking process, provides the best rates, and rewards guests with additional points.

When you plan your next trip, you can confidently choose IHG for a seamless booking experience and the promise of the best price every time.


2. Expedia’s Price Match Promise

Expedia’s Price Match Promise is an amazing travel hack for saving money as it ensures you’re getting the best possible prices for your travel needs.

The policy stipulates that if you find a lower price for the same flight, hotel, or car rental on another website within 24 hours of booking, Expedia will not only match the lower price but also refund the difference! Seriously wow!

This is an amazing travel hack that provides you with peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting the best possible deal on your bookings.

How to Take Advantage of Expedia’s Price Match Promise:

  • Book with Confidence: First and foremost, make your travel reservations through Expedia. By booking through their platform, you’ll have access to the Price Match Promise, ensuring that you can take advantage of any lower prices that may arise.
  • Keep an Eye Out for Lower Prices: After making your reservation, continue to monitor prices for the same itinerary on other websites. Use travel comparison sites and visit airline, hotel, and car rental websites directly to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the available prices.
  • Submit a Price Match Request: If you discover a lower price within 24 hours of booking, gather the necessary information, such as a screenshot of the lower-priced offer and the details of your Expedia booking. Then, submit a price match request through Expedia’s online form or by contacting their customer service team.
  • Receive Your Refund: If your price match request is approved, Expedia will adjust your booking to match the lower price and refund the difference. This process typically takes a few business days, and the refund will be issued to the original form of payment.

Tips for Maximising Expedia’s Price Match Promise:

  • Be thorough in your search for lower prices, as Expedia will only match prices found on other websites, not their own.
  • Keep in mind that the lower price must be for the exact same itinerary, including the same dates, airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.
  • Be prepared to act quickly, as the Price Match Promise only applies within 24 hours of booking. The more time you spend searching for a better deal after booking, the better your chances of finding one and benefiting from the Price Match Promise.

By understanding and utilising Expedia’s Price Match Promise, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible prices for your travel needs. With a bit of vigilance and proactive searching, you can save money on your travels and enjoy a stress-free experience knowing that you’ve secured the best travel deal available.


3. Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program

Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program offers exclusive discounts and perks to frequent users. By booking a certain number of stays through their platform, you can unlock exclusive discounts and perks on future bookings.

The program has two levels, each offering a different set of benefits:

  • Genius Level 1: After completing two stays within a two-year period, you’ll unlock Genius Level 1, which offers a 10% discount on select properties and free lifetime membership.
  • Genius Level 2: After completing five stays within a two-year period, you’ll unlock Genius Level 2, which provides a 15% discount on select properties, free room upgrades (when available), and early check-in/late check-out options. As a digital nomad that literally lives in hotels, this program has saved me a fortune over the years. I’m literally obsessed with this awesome travel hack to save money! 💰

How to Take Advantage of Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program:

  • Create an Account: First, sign up for a Booking.com account if you haven’t already. This will allow you to track your bookings and progress towards the Genius Loyalty Program levels.
  • Book Your Stays: To start working towards Genius status, book your accommodations through Booking.com. Remember, you need to complete two stays within two years for Level 1 and five stays within two years for Level 2.
  • Unlock Genius Benefits: Once you’ve reached a Genius level, you’ll gain access to exclusive discounts and perks. When searching for accommodations, look for the Genius logo next to participating properties to ensure you’re getting the best deals.
  • Enjoy Your Perks: As a Genius member, you’ll have access to benefits like discounted rates, free room upgrades, and flexible check-in/check-out times. Be sure to take advantage of these perks to make your travel experiences even more enjoyable. If you’re a digital nomad like me, you’ll find this travel hack to be life-changing! This is seriously one of the best ways to save money travelling if you’re living on the road.

Tips for Maximising Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program:

  • Always book your accommodations through Booking.com to ensure your stays count towards your Genius status.
  • Check the Genius offers regularly, as new properties and deals may be added over time.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for your Genius perks, such as room upgrades and flexible check-in/check-out times, at participating properties.

Booking.com’s Genius Loyalty Program offers valuable travel discounts and perks to its frequent customers.

By taking advantage of this loyalty program, you can enjoy more affordable and comfortable travel experiences.

So, why not start booking your stays through Booking.com and work your way towards unlocking exclusive Genius benefits today! It’s a no-brainer if you ask me!


4. Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances & 24hr Cancellation Policy

Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy: Traveling is an incredible experience, but life is unpredictable. Unexpected events can force you to change your plans at the last minute. Thanks to Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy and 24-Hour Cancellation Policy, you can plan your next vacation with complete peace of mind. These customer-friendly policies make Airbnb a top choice for flexible, worry-free travels worldwide.

Airbnb’s Extenuating Circumstances Policy is an essential safety net for guests and hosts alike. It is designed to protect both from unforeseen circumstances that can disrupt travel plans. These circumstances can include severe illness, natural disasters, travel restrictions, and even death in the family.

This policy allows you to cancel your booking without any penalty if your situation meets the criteria. This flexibility provides a sense of security and minimises the stress associated with unexpected travel disruptions. It’s one of the reasons why millions of travellers prefer booking their accommodations with Airbnb.

Airbnb’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy: When you book a property on Airbnb, you have 24 hours to cancel for a full refund, as long as your stay is at least 14 days away. This policy is especially helpful for those spur-of-the-moment bookings, where you might have second thoughts or find a more suitable option.

Also, if a host cancels a confirmed booking, Airbnb provides assistance in booking a similar property, often at no additional cost. It’s yet another way Airbnb ensures a seamless travel experience.

Whether you’re planning a dream vacation or a quick business trip, these travel policies give you the freedom to adapt your plans as needed without financial consequences. Airbnb’s customer-centric approach has earned it the trust of millions of travellers worldwide.


5. Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee

Accommodation often forms a significant chunk of travel expenses, making it essential to find the best possible rate. Fortunately, with Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee policy, your quest for the most competitive hotel rates is simplified and guaranteed. This policy is a testament to Marriott’s commitment to providing outstanding customer service and unmatched value.

Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee policy is a promise that you’ll find the lowest rates for Marriott accommodations when you book directly through Marriott’s own booking channels. The policy stipulates that if you find a lower rate for the same hotel, room type, and dates on a different website within 24 hours of making your booking, Marriott will not only match the lower rate but also give you an additional 25% discount. What an awesome travel hack to save money on decent hotels!

How Does the Best Rate Guarantee Benefit You?

Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee policy provides assurance that you’re getting the best deal possible. It eliminates the need for countless hours of browsing multiple websites to find the best hotel rates. You can have full confidence when booking directly with Marriott that you’re getting an unbeatable price.

Not only does this policy save you money, but it also makes the booking process more efficient and straightforward. Additionally, it reassures you that Marriott values its guests and their hard-earned money.

Why Trust Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee?

Marriott is a renowned name in the hospitality industry, with an impressive portfolio of brands and a wide range of properties worldwide. With its Best Rate Guarantee policy, Marriott reinforces its reputation for excellent customer service and transparency.

Overall, Marriott’s Best Rate Guarantee policy is a game-changer for savvy travellers seeking the best hotel rates. It reflects Marriott’s dedication to providing unbeatable value and superior customer satisfaction.

hilton hotels

6. Hilton’s Fifth Night Free

As an avid explorer, you’ll probably be on the lookout for ways to maximise your travel experience while minimising travel costs. Hilton’s Fifth Night Free Policy does just that, making it an incredible travel perk for loyal customers. This policy is an amazing example of Hilton’s commitment to rewarding guest loyalty with real value.

Hilton’s Fifth Night Free Policy is an exclusive benefit for Hilton Honours members at the Silver, Gold, and Diamond levels. The policy essentially means that when you book a stay of five or more nights using only Points, you’ll get the fifth night free. This offer can be used on any room, subject to availability, enhancing its value for every type of traveller. To utilise the Policy, you must book your stay through Hilton’s official channels.

Why is the Hilton’s Fifth Night Free Policy a Game-Changer? This policy provides significant savings to the frequent Hilton guest. By offering a complimentary fifth night, Hilton encourages guests to extend their stays, leading to more memorable experiences. It’s a tangible way of showing Hilton’s appreciation for customer loyalty.

Hilton’s Fifth Night Free Policy is a testament to the brand’s commitment to rewarding loyal guests. The policy offers substantial money savings, encouraging longer stays and making the journey even more exciting and rewarding. Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation, make sure to take advantage of this fantastic travel perk from the Hilton.

british airways

7. British Airways’ Avios Part Payment

Navigating the world of airline rewards can sometimes feel like learning a new language. With British Airways’ Avios Part Payment, however, the benefits are clear, straightforward, and incredibly rewarding. This flexible program allows you to offset the cost of your flights using Avios, making it an exceptional money saving tool for the smart traveler.

Understanding British Airways’ Avios Part Payment:

Avios Part Payment is a unique feature offered by British Airways that gives customers more flexibility when booking flights. Instead of needing to accumulate enough Avios for an entire reward flight, you can use whatever amount of Avios you have to discount the cash cost of your flight.

This innovative offering is available on flights operated by British Airways and select partner airlines, making it a versatile tool for travelers looking to stretch their budgets and enjoy more of what the world has to offer.

The Benefits of Avios Part Payment:

Avios Part Payment gives you the ability to save on flights without needing to accumulate a large number of Avios. Even a small Avios balance can result in a noticeable discount on the cash price of your flight.

Secondly, it provides a flexible option for travelers who prefer not to commit all their Avios to a single flight. You can choose from several Avios and cash combinations to find the one that best fits your budget and travel plans.

Taking advantage of Avios Part Payment is easy. When you book your flights through the British Airways website or mobile app, you’ll be given the option to pay with Avios as part of the booking process. Simply select the combination of Avios and cash that works best for you, and enjoy your savings!

Fly Smarter with Avios Part Payment:

This is a dynamic tool for the savvy traveler, providing the flexibility to use your Avios in the way that makes the most sense for you. So, the next time you’re booking with British Airways, don’t forget to take advantage of Avios Part Payment for a smoother, more affordable trip.

Emirates' Skywards Miles Upgrade

8. Emirates’ Skywards Miles Upgrade

When it comes to enriching your travel experience, Emirates’ Skywards Miles Upgrade is a feature that takes you to the next level. This benefit allows you to upgrade your journey using your Skywards Miles, adding a touch of luxury and comfort to your flights. It’s one of the many ways Emirates rewards its loyal customers. Love this boujee travel hack!

Decoding Emirates’ Skywards Miles Upgrade:

This policy allows Emirates Skywards members to use their earned Miles to upgrade their cabin class. Whether from Economy to Business Class or Business to First Class, the upgrade provides access to superior comfort, unparalleled service, and gourmet dining options, making your flight more enjoyable and relaxing.

How Emirates’ Skywards Miles Upgrade Enhances Your Travel:

The Skywards Miles Upgrade transforms your flying experience with Emirates. Upgrading to Business Class offers luxuries like fully flat beds and lounge access, while First Class provides an unparalleled level of privacy, space, and personal attention.

The Skywards Miles Upgrade makes long-haul flights a pleasure rather than a chore, offering a fantastic opportunity to arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to explore (or get down to business!)

To use the Skywards Miles Upgrade, you must book your flight directly with Emirates and then request an upgrade through the Emirates website or app. If an upgrade is available, you can use your Skywards Miles to confirm the upgrade immediately, providing a seamless experience and ensuring you enjoy your flight to the fullest.

Overall, Emirates’ Skywards Miles Upgrade is an exceptional reward for loyal customers, providing a unique opportunity to experience world-class service and luxury at 30,000 feet.

So, on your next Emirates flight, consider using your Skywards Miles for an upgrade and elevate your travel experience to new heights!

Hyatt hotel

9. Hyatt’s Guest of Honour Benefit

Hyatt’s World of Hyatt loyalty program is renowned for offering loads of benefits to its members.

One such travel perk, which stands out for its uniqueness and value, is the Guest of Honour benefit. This allows members to share their loyalty status perks with others, enhancing their loved ones’ travel experiences.

Note: This benefit is an exclusive travel perk available to World of Hyatt Globalist members. It allows these top-tier members to book reward stays for family and friends while extending their Globalist benefits to these guests. The Guest of Honour enjoys benefits like room upgrades, free breakfast, late checkout, and access to exclusive lounges, all gifted by the Globalist member. What an epic travel hack!

Why Hyatt’s Guest of Honour Benefit is Extraordinary:

The Guest of Honour benefit brings a new level of value to loyalty program membership. It’s not just about the Globalist member enjoying the travel perks; it’s about sharing those perks with others. This unique feature gives the gift of a luxury travel experience to loved ones, making their stay special and memorable.

It also adds a new dimension to the concept of loyalty rewards, creating a sense of community and sharing, which aligns well with Hyatt’s overall ethos of care and hospitality.

Utilising the Guest of Honour Benefit:

Globalist members can easily book a Guest of Honour reservation through Hyatt’s customer service. They simply use their points to make the booking in the guest’s name, and the guest then enjoys the Globalist benefits during their stay. It’s a seamless process designed to deliver the utmost satisfaction and a memorable stay to the Guest of Honour.

Hyatt’s Guest of Honour benefit is a true embodiment of Hyatt’s commitment to making travel a more enriching and rewarding experience. It offers a unique opportunity for Globalist members to share their perks with loved ones, ensuring they enjoy a luxury stay, just as the member would. So, if you’re a World of Hyatt Globalist member, don’t miss out on making someone’s stay extra special with this fabulous travel perk! 🥂

Lufthansa's Miles & More Stopover Benefit

10. Lufthansa’s Miles & More Stopover Benefit

Lufthansa’s Miles & More Stopover Benefit is a facet of their loyalty program that can offer significant value.

A “stopover,” in airline parlance, is a break in a journey for more than 24 hours before continuing to the final destination.

Under this travel benefit, Miles & More members have the opportunity to add a stopover at no additional cost when booking a round-trip award ticket. This means you can explore an additional city on your itinerary without incurring extra airfare.

The Significance of Lufthansa’s Miles & More Stopover Benefit:

From a legal perspective, it’s essential to appreciate the substantial advantage the stopover benefit can provide. This feature allows you to experience more destinations without an increase in the required award miles for your flight. It significantly broadens the potential for cultural exploration under the terms of your flight agreement.

Implementing the Miles & More Stopover Benefit:

Activating this stopover benefit involves a simple, straightforward process. When booking your award flight, you need to choose a multi-city itinerary instead of a simple round-trip. In your booking, include the city you want to stopover in.

However, please be aware that the stopover needs to be in a city that’s part of a logical route to your final destination.

Overall, the Miles & More Stopover Benefit is a notable feature of Lufthansa’s loyalty program. From both a travel and legal standpoint, it allows you to maximise the value of your award miles and enjoy an enriched travel experience.

accor hotels

11. Accor’s Status Match

When it comes to maximising your travel experiences, loyalty programs and travel perks are key. One such benefit that really stands out is Accor’s Status Match offer.

This is designed to recognise and reward your loyalty, even when it’s split across different hotel groups. With this, you can match your existing elite status from one hotel loyalty program to a similar or higher tier in Accor’s Live Limitless program, so you don’t have to start from scratch when switching your loyalty to Accor.

With Status Match, you can enjoy a wealth of benefits almost immediately. Depending on the matched status, this includes room upgrades, early check-in, late check-out, free breakfast, and access to exclusive events and experiences. It’s Accor’s way of welcoming you into their loyalty program and enhancing your stay from day one. If this isn’t an epic travel hack I don’t know what is!

To use the Status Match, you just need to contact Accor’s customer service, providing proof of your elite status with another hotel loyalty program. Accor will then review your request and, if approved, upgrade your ALL – Accor Live Limitless membership to the corresponding tier.

Overall, Accor’s Status Match is a travel perk that adds immense value for globe-trotters. It allows you to seamlessly transition your loyalty, retaining the benefits you’ve earned elsewhere, and enjoying them in Accor’s vast network of hotels. If you’re considering switching your loyalty to Accor, this feature is certainly worth taking advantage of.

12. GoPro’s Trade-Up Program

As a legal professional with knowledge of consumer rights and trade programs, I am here to shed light on GoPro’s Trade-Up Program. This program offers considerable benefits to travellers wanting to capture and share amazing footage.

The Trade-Up Program is a unique offering from GoPro, which allows you to trade in any GoPro or digital camera, in any condition, and receive a discount on a new GoPro camera.

Whether the camera is old, broken, or even nonfunctional, GoPro will accept it and provide a significant discount on a newer model. This is an amazing money-saving tip for travellers looking to maintain up-to-date technology for documenting their adventures.

GoPro’s Trade-Up Program is an amazing deal for consumers. It provides a clear benefit – you receive a discount on a new GoPro camera in exchange for any old digital camera. This effectively minimises waste by promoting the recycling of old cameras while offering consumers the chance to update their equipment at a reduced cost.

The terms of the program are transparent and straightforward, with no hidden costs or conditions. This clarity of contract greatly benefits the consumer, offering a legal and secure method for trading in old devices.

Activating GoPro’s Trade-Up Program:

To take advantage of GoPro’s Trade-Up Program, you need to visit the GoPro Trade-Up website. You’ll select the new camera you want, add it to your cart, and then checkout. GoPro will then provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send in your old camera. Once they receive it, they will send your new discounted camera.

Overall, the GoPro Trade-Up Program is an excellent way to capture your travel experiences with the latest technology, all while responsibly recycling old devices. It’s an innovative program that all travellers passionate about photography should consider, especially if you are looking to travel the world for less.

best travel insurance

13. Best Global Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is extremely important for digital nomads and anyone on the move. It’ll literally save you a fortune if something goes wrong. This became extremely apparent after my partner almost died in a motorcycle accident in Bali, and his medical bills totalled over £10,000 (luckily he was insured!)

In our experience, Nomad Insurance with SafetyWing is the best option as it covers emergency medical evacuation and bedside visits, starting at just $45 per 4 weeks.

One of my favourite features of SafetyWing insurance is that you can use it as a subscription service, meaning you don’t have to pay for the entire year upfront. Instead, you’re charged every 28 days, until you cancel, giving you huge flexibility.

Unlike other insurers, with SafetyWing there’s no limit on travel duration, so you don’t need a return date (or return ticket) to activate your insurance.

I recommend checking SafetyWing Insurance out for yourself here:

Final Thoughts: The Power of Travel Perks and Loyalty Benefits

After exploring the world of travel perks and benefits, one thing should have become crystal clear – by understanding and leveraging these travel rewards you can vastly improve your international adventures.

From cost-saving benefits to increased comfort and bonus rewards that transform your trips into holistic experiences, these travel hacks are essential tools for the savvy traveler. They ensure you’re getting the best value, the best experience, and the best memories from your adventures.

So, next time you’re planning a trip, remember to make the most of these amazing travel hacks. After all, travel isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the journey, and these perks are here to make your journey seriously unforgettable!

best travel perks to save money

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