The Best French Chateau Wedding Venue EVER

The Hollywood elite frequently choose to get married in a French Chateau due to the vast private grounds that ensure total privacy. Famous examples include Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger’s nuptials at Château de la Napoule, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Versailles rehearsal dinner, and Eva Longoria’s big day at Château Vaux le Vicomte.

However, for the average person, getting married under the warmth of the French sun, with endless vineyards stretching out behind you, may sound like an impossible fairytale. But this dream is more attainable than you realise. With the right venue, your storybook French wedding can become a reality, not just a distant dream.

So why not let the professionals craft your ideal chic French affair! Surrounded by beauty and love, you’ll feel like royalty exchanging vows and celebrating on the lush grounds. And after the unforgettable event ends, you’ll have the most incredible memories of a seamless, stress-free day! Sounds trés chic, oui?

Insider Insight: The Ultimate French Chateau Wedding Venue

If you’re looking for the perfect French Chateau to rent for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve just got back from my besties French Chateau wedding and I was blown away. So naturally I had to write a blog post about it! 💍🥂👰🏻🤵🏻🕊️🌷🏰

By the way, this article is in no way sponsored, I was just so impressed with this particular French Chateau wedding venue I thought anyone planning their big day should know about it!

So, read on to discover all the details you need to know about the most iconic French Chateau wedding destination of all time!

Chateau Lagorce: The Dream Wedding Venue in France

Chateau Lagorce is a fairytale 15th-century French Chateau nestled in the countryside of Haux, in southwestern France near Bordeaux. It’s been tastefully transformed over centuries into the ideal destination wedding venue – even being featured on Escape to the Château (DIY Series 2 and 3).

This gorgeous place is conveniently located just a 40-minute drive from Bordeaux Airport. Yet, despite its convenient location, this stunning French Chateau feels a world away from everyday life.

Chateau Lagorce can be described as a fortified castle that’s steeped in history, having weathered feudal wars thanks to its thick tower walls and moat. Despite periods of destruction, Lagorce was repeatedly reborn, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Today, this exquisite French Chateau is brimming with modern amenities, intertwining old-world beauty and new-world luxury. It’s a place where dreams come true and memories are made to last forever!

From the second you enter Chateau Lagorce, you’re transported to a dreamy setting, with an ancient forest, private lake and fairytale-like gardens, providing the most unique and romantic French Chateau wedding experience ever.

As you pass through the entrance to this French Chateau, you leave the outside world behind and enter a bygone era of tranquility, opulence and splendour.

The chateau is seriously grand, with over 300m2 of living space, including impressive dining areas and reception rooms where your guests can gather, relax or dance the night away.

I particularly loved the Brentwood baby grand piano and French windows onto the terrace area, it really felt like something out of a French romance novel.

The Grounds of Chateau Lagorce

Out of all the gorgeous areas of this French Chateau wedding venue, guests tend to gather on the terraces, which offer an idyllic retreat with unobstructed valley and lake views that ensure complete privacy from the outside world. At first light, there’s no better place to enjoy coffee and a croissant while taking in the beautiful views of the lakes, forests, and grounds below.

When you descending the stunning stone stairs of the chateau, you’ll see an ethereal lake surrounded by ancient woods. The lake seems to go on forever and is a peaceful place for a moment to pause and take in the surrounding beauty. Here, you can sit along the banks and watch dragonflies dance over the glassy lake and valley streams.

Top tip: With the reflections of the chateau’s towers, the lake is an incredible spot to capture some unique wedding pictures. If you’re looking for the most Instagram-worthy and best French Chateau Wedding Venue, this has to be it!

Next to the lake you’ll find a large, refreshing pool to cool off in – this spot was my favourite place to relax at Chateau Lagorce. Complete with loungers, outdoor shower, and changing area, all you’ll need is a chilled drink in hand to destress and let the fun begin!

Wine Tasting in Chateau Lagorce Caves

Believe it or not, this amazing family-owned French Chateau comes with caves where you can do wine tasting with the owner, Edd, who runs Chateau Lagorce along with his wife Anna (more about her in a minute!)

Edd is well known for his knowledge of wine and by 2009 even China was ordering containers of his selections. They’ve seriously thought of everything at this place!

After taking part in a wine tasting in the Chateau caves myself, I can attest that this is a totally unique experience and Edd is great fun / highly knowledgable. The tasting including some fascinating wine stories and the perfect opportunity to discover the world-class wines of Bordeaux!

Dreamy Bedrooms at Chateau Lagorce

Up to 50 guests can stay at the Chateau, in 22 ensuite rooms, each unique in design. Four-poster beds, lavish fabrics, and antique accents make you feel like part of a noble family. Yet modern conveniences like stylish showers and air conditioning provide all the comforts you need.

In addition to the elegant first floor rooms, a ground floor suite done in the chateau style provides easy access for those with mobility needs. Truly, the suites offer comfort, luxury, and accessibility – basically a regal oasis nestled in the French countryside!

Since Chateau Lagorce wants the bride to choose her ideal suite, there is no ”set” bridal suite. Opt to recline on velvet chaises, enjoy a patio and hot tub, or sleep beneath grand four-poster curtains, all depending on your preferences for your first married night.

The Unique bedrooms

So, if you’re looking for the best French Chateau Wedding Venue that offers something for everyone to enjoy, Chateau Largorce is clearly a fantastic choice.

There are also lots of local guest accommodations nearby – at my besties Chateau Lagorce wedding around 20 guests stayed at local Airbnbs in the area.

Sneak peak of my besties dreamy French wedding ↓ 

Chateau Lagorce Wedding Planning

From the moment you arrive at this French chateau wedding venue, you’ll feel special. It’s honestly the perfect place to enjoy time with your loved ones, feast, dance, and celebrate your wedding while Anna handles the details.

Since 2007, Anna has planned, organised and overseen more than 300 weddings at Chateau Lagorce, which can cater for parties of up to 150 guests.

From the first communication, you’ll know you’re in safe hands as her wedding planning knowledge and passion is immense. She’ll help you build your dream wedding based on your vision, ideas and tastes. Anna was so hands on at my besties wedding literally going above and beyond for every little detail!

Anna actually lives in the Chateau grounds with her husband Edd and their children, so she is well acquainted with every inch of the estate and is full of unique ideas to help your dream come to life.

Among her many talents, Anna is also a seasoned florist who can create stunning bouquets and flower displays to suit your wedding style. This is yet another reason why Chateau Lagorce is one of the best French Chateau Wedding Venues out there.

The Picturesque Lake

The Big Day at Chateau Lagorce

So what does a typical wedding at the best French Chateau Wedding Venue look like?

Well, the morning starts with breakfast on the terrace as the sun rises over the hills, lighting up the lake and forests. This is the perfect time for a peaceful moment to sip coffee and eat croissants before the festivities. We may or may not have also ordered a McDonald’s 🍔🍟🥤(looking glamorous is hard work okay!)

Next, you’ll gather with your bridesmaids in the bridal suite to relax, toast with champagne, and pamper yourselves as Anna takes care of your guests.

When it’s time to descend the grand stone staircase of this French chateau, your beloved and guests will be waiting lakeside for your grand entrance. I guarantee that you’ll feel like royalty descending the ceremonial staircase in your gown!

Just imagine exchanging vows surrounded by nature with the lake and forest as your backdrop, does it get any more romantic than this?!

Or, you may prefer for your ceremony to be in the medieval French chapel, candle-lit wine caves, or in one of the formal reception rooms at the Chateau.  No matter which option you go for, your day will be surrounded by flowers, smiles and endless beauty.

For the reception, Chateau Lagorce can provide feasts tailored to your tastes – elegant multi-course meals, buffets, even picnic spreads in the gardens. The experienced staff are well equipped to accommodate all dietary needs and wants, from nibbles and midnight snacks to ice cream from a vintage bicycle cart. My partner was gluten free and this was no trouble at all for Anna and her expert team to handle.

During your stay, the chateau is exclusively yours. From flowers to table settings, Anna will decorate the Chateau to match your style and personality. From chandeliers and festoon lights to elaborate floral arrangements – she will seamlessly make your vision come to life.

After dinner, keep the celebration going! The terrace orangery is perfect for bands or DJs. Guests can dance under the stars late into the night while a full bar on another terrace keeps the drinks flowing. From fireworks to live music and pool parties – Anna can arrange it all!

Even though I’m not that mad about fireworks, I have to say that the firework display Anna organised was out of this world and really made the evening one to remember!🎆🫶

When it’s finally time to retire, the elegant, air-conditioned bedrooms ensure your wedding guests can sleep in comfort.

And what can be better than waking up to a view of vineyards or terraces (even if you’re a little hungover from the big day)!

Sample Wedding Menu:

Canapes: Start the reception with canapés like ratatouille and quail egg tartlets, tomato and mozzarella skewers, parmesan puff pastries, salmon toast, and prawn and leek tarts. For me personally, the parmesan puff pastries were to die for – I may or may not have had about 10 of these!

Starters: For starter courses, options to choose from include things like baked camembert, vegetable tartlets with summer salads, parmesan-topped seasoned veggies, layered tomato and eggplant with goat cheese tapenade, or Lyonnaise salads.

Main course: Choices include tasty things like duck confit with mushroom sauce, beef bourguignon, coq au vin, or pork filet mignon with caramelised apple and cider sauce. All served with gratin dauphinois and roasted carrots and zucchini.

Dessert: End the meal on a sweet note with a traditional French wedding cake or profiterole tower!

5 Star Reviews

Don’t just take my word for Chateau Lagorce being one of the best French Chateau Wedding Venues, here’s just a few of the endlessly glowing reviews:


After reading all about the magic of Chateau Largorce, hopefully you’ll be able to see why I think Chateau Largorce is the best French Chateau Wedding Venue in the world (and I’ve been to some pretty spectacular weddings in my time!)

More than just a beautiful backdrop, Largorce offers an entire experience crafted to make brides and grooms feel treasured on their big day, with every detail feeling like a dream.

The picturesque grounds provide the perfect photo backdrops so every moment captured will look like a fairy-tale.

Yet it’s the little touches that make Chateau Largorce so special. The friendly staff will cater to your every need while your personality shines through in the decor and cuisine.

What I think makes Largorce stand out from the crowd is that it combines historic beauty and grace with modern luxury and flexibility. It truly leads the way for French Chateau wedding venues that exude romance, whimsy, and an authentic old-world charm.

Chateau Lagorce is clearly no ordinary wedding venue in France. If you seek a once-in-a-lifetime destination wedding in a French Chauteau, accept no substitutes. Chateau Lagorce simply has no equal when it comes to creating fairytale weddings and memories to last a lifetime.

If you do choose to get married here, wherever your travels take you, part of your heart will always remain overlooking those vineyards in the French countryside.

Contact Chateau Lagorce:

Phone: +33 6 17 80 79 63

Address: Château Lagorce
33550 HAUX


Getting Legally Married in France: Good to Know

Getting married in France is only possible through a civil ceremony, which has to take place in a French Mairie (Town Hall). If you or your parents are not resident in France, it is unlikely you will be granted permission to get legally married in the country.

The residency requirement for French civil weddings is 40 days of immediate prior residency for one partner, with extensive documentation like proof of address, birth certificate, and passport.

Because of this complexity, most couples opt to legally marry in their home country first. Then they can fully focus on hosting a meaningful ceremonial event in France without the legal restrictions. This flexibility applies equally to LGBTQ+ couples after France legalised same-sex marriage in 2013.

At Chateau Lagorce, the wedding ceremonies themselves can be officiated by a local officiate or an English-speaking minister in this quaint setting.

French Chateau Wedding Costs

Chateau Lagorce prices are from €24,490 (all-inclusive package.)

Although exact costs vary, several factors impact the price of a French chateau wedding:

Seasonality – Venue rental fees fluctuate based on high or low season, similar to other wedding venues. Peak summer weekends are most expensive. Travel costs also rise during school holidays and summer.

Covered expenses – Determine early what you’ll cover for guests. If the chateau has accommodations, will you pay for rooms? Provide meals on extra days? Arrange transportation?

Additional activities – Multi-day destination weddings often warrant extra events. A chateau with built-in amenities like pools and games saves money compared to venues requiring you to rent separate spaces or equipment.

Overall, carefully weigh your budget and vision. Selecting an all-inclusive venue in the off-season can maximise value. But paying extra to host a summer affair at a luxurious chateau with lots of activities may be worth the splurge too. Just be strategic from the start about what costs you’ll absorb versus passing along to guests. With some planning, you can strike the perfect balance for the Best French Chateau Wedding EVER!

Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue: Print off the questions from this free printable PDF

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