Sark Island Things To Do: Explore the Channel Islands’ Car-Free Paradise

Ultimate Sark Travel Guide:

Before you embark on an unforgettable journey to the unspoiled Isle of Sark, be sure to read on! This is possibly the only Sark Travel Guide you’ll find on the internet!

Despite the fact that Sark is but a dot on the map, nestled between England and France, it’s well worth venturing to, offering a complete escape from modern life.

How do you get to Sark?

One of the most common questions I get asked is how on Earth do you get to Sark?

Fortunately, there’s several options to reach this little island:

Ferry – The easiest way to get to Sark is to take the ferry from St Peter Port in Guernsey. The ride is around 1 hour and ferries run several times a day in the Summer. Note: No cars are permitted on Sark so you’ll need to leave any vehicles behind. This is my go to option.

Private boat – If you have access to a private boat or can charter one, you can sail to Sark’s Creux Harbour, making sure to schedule docking ahead of time. Also, some residents own small boats and offer private transport to Sark for a fee if scheduled in advance.

Airplane – Sark has an extremely short runway, but small planes can land there if piloted by an experienced operator (permit and customs clearance required).

From France – It’s possible to get to Sark from the French coastal city of Granville. A ferry runs 2-3 times a week depending on the season. The ride is about 1.5 hours.

Why You NEED Sark On Your Travel Bucket List!

Read on to uncover exactly why you should visit Sark, as well as the best places to eat, stay, and explore!

Firstly, Sark’s unique charm and tranquility are unparalleled, making it an ideal destination for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. When you visit Sark you’ll get to witness breathtaking views atop the beautiful coastal cliffs, admire the crystal-clear waters of the island’s secluded bays, and stroll through the quaint village, with every part of the island being totally unspoiled by crowds of tourists.

One thing I love about visiting Sark is the fact that it’s so untouched, which is rare to find in the age of Instagram. One of the most distinctive features of the island is its lack of cars; instead, you can explore the lush landscapes on foot, bike, or even horse-drawn carriage for something a little different! This traditional way of getting around contributes to a slower pace of life and a sense of timelessness.

Sark also has a super close-knit community, which can be seen in various local events and activities, such as the legendary Sark Sheep Racing Festival, usually taking place every July. Expect a fun-filled day including sheep racing, food stalls, games, and live music! People genuinely come from all of the Channel Islands for this unique festival and the locals absolutely welcome visitors with open arms.

From its stunning landscapes, to mouth-watering cuisine and fascinating local culture, Sark is a must-visit destination for every traveller.

Sark Island Things To Do

  • Explore La Coupée: Trek along this narrow isthmus (pictured above), which connects Sark to Little Sark, offering panoramic views of the rugged coastline. It’s a seriously ”Insta-worthy” spot and my favourite thing to do in Sark.
  • Discover the Gouliot Caves: Unearth the island’s geological wonders by visiting these remarkable sea caves, home to a diverse array of marine life.
  • Visit the Seigneurie Gardens: Stroll through these magnificent gardens, home to a vast collection of flowers, shrubs, and trees. It’s the perfect place to spend a couple of hours escaping from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, taking in the fresh, flower scented air.
Seigneurie Gardens
  • Check out Dixcart Bay: This is one of the most popular bays on the island and once you visit, you will see why. The absence of cars on Sark means that you can find true peace, lying on the sandy shores, with only the sounds of birds and the ocean waves in the background. The walk down may be long, but the range of wildlife means that there will always be something for you to look out for!
Dixcart Bay
  • Nature’s Pool: Creux Harbour is the perfect location to relax on a sunny afternoon. Being encased by a pebbly beach on one side and a cobbled quay on the other, Sark’s harbour is extremely picturesque. The harbour wall means that the sea swimming there is perfect for all ages, with a safe depth and the ideal place for jumping in. Best of all, the Harbour Café right on its doorstep so you can easily treat yourself to an ice-cream or homemade cake.
  • Sark Boat Trips: Departing from Creux Harbour on the island’s eastern side, Sark Boat Trips provide a thrilling 2.5-hour journey through Sark’s original fishing port. This aquatic excursion offers a fascinating glimpse into the island’s wildlife and coastal landscape, with plenty of opportunities to spot puffins, guillemots, cormorants, and even marine life like dolphins, seals, and basking sharks! Depending on the tides and weather conditions, you may also have the chance to spot an array of hidden caves and rock pools scattered along Sark’s shoreline. This is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do in Sark!
Creux Harbour
  • Cycle Hire: Being a car-free zone, Sark is one of the safest places to cycle in the world, with other forms of transport being limited to tractors and horse-drawn carriages. You can hire a bike out for as cheap as £6.50 for a day! Read more about cycling on Sark here
  • Sark Henge: This is Located near Point Derrible on the eastern side of the island. It’s a stone circle, hidden along the clifftops, built to mark the 450-year anniversary since Queen Elizabeth I granted the Fief of Sark to Helier De Carteret in 1565. The formation is made from 9 stones made from Jersey granite, one for each of Sark’s medieval territories. Each stone contains a viewing hole which lines up with an island landmark, such as La Coupée, St Ouen’s and Alderney. If you’re a history buff, this is a great spot to add to your Sark itinerary.
  • Yoga: Sark is an ideal destination for yoga with its clean air and calm, relaxed ambience where you can’t help but slow down from the fast pace of everyday life. The island offers various yoga retreats throughout the year and for anyone that fancies having a taster there’s regular sessions in the town hall that you can book on to.
  • You can rent your own Sark Carriage. This is the longest family-run established horse and carriage attraction, originating in the late 1700s with its prime purpose to deliver post. Located on the northerly tip of Sark at Le Grand Fort Farm, Sark Carriages now offers a variety of island tours. We chose to do a 2-hour private tour on a horse drawn waggonette. Otherwise you can take part in a 1.5 hour tour of the island shared with other visitors. It’s a quaint way of seeing the highlights of Sark!
  • As the world’s first Dark Sky Island, Sark offers an unparalleled opportunity to gaze at the night sky. The island is renowned for its magically dark skies due to the absence of cars, neon lights and street lamps. It’s officially one of the best places on the planet to go star-gazing 🔭 🌌✨💫 If you don’t have your own stargazing equipment, the Sark Observatory at the island’s centre offers rentals, and members of the Sark Astronomy Society will be happy to show you the telescope and talk you through the star constellations. You can read more about stargazing on Sark here

Best Places to Eat in Sark

Indulging in the delightful cuisine is an essential part of your Sark visit. With a variety of dining options, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Hathaway’s: Located in the heart of the island, Hathaway’s offers a cozy atmosphere with a menu featuring fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. I recommend treating yourself to their tasty seafood dishes or opting for their delicious Sunday roast.
  • Caragh Chocolates: For over 20 years, Caragh Chocolates has used the fresh ingredients from Sark’s grazing cows to make the most unique and delicious chocolates. The chocolate kitchen now is situated on the side of Caragh’s farmhouse, with a quaint tea garden for you to sit out and enjoy the chocolate, complete with a cup of tea or a mug of their own thick hot chocolate. You can also watch some of the chocolates being made, or even book on to a workshop to make your own.
  • The Mermaid Tavern: While primarily a pub, The Mermaid Tavern also offers a great selection of food, including traditional pub favourites and locally caught seafood. The friendly atmosphere and beautiful outdoor seating area make it an ideal spot for a casual meal in Sark.
  • La Sablonnerie: Nestled in Little Sark, La Sablonnerie boasts a charming garden setting and serves up tasty dishes with a French flair.

Sark Accommodation

Luxury: When it comes to Sark accommodation, it doesn’t get much better than Stocks Hotel! This family-owned luxury hotel offers a perfect blend of elegance and comfort in a peaceful setting. We stayed here for nearly a week and were obsessed with the stunning pool area and spa treatments – this was a truly indulgent stay. The fresh local food at the on-site restaurant was also to die for – if you make it here, you simply have to try their renowned Sark lobster!

Mid-range: Clos de Vaul Creux offers comfortable Sark accommodation in a truly peaceful location. The stylish and well-appointed rooms of this guesthouse features modern amenities, and the lush gardens provide the perfect setting to slow down and relax in.

Budget: For the more adventurous traveler, Pomme de Chien provides an affordable yet lovely experience. The campsite is located in unique surroundings with sea views, a blue-bell valley and flat playing areas for both young and old. It’s a gorgeous place to enjoy the natural beauty of Sark while sleeping under the stars.

How long should you spend in Sark?

How long to spend in Sark depends on the type of vacation you’re looking for. For most people, a trip to Sark can be broken down into three categories:

Day Trips: If you are short on time or visiting from the nearby Channel Islands, a day trip to Sark can provide a delightful experience. You can explore the island’s main attractions in one day. However, be prepared for a rushed itinerary as you’ll have limited time to soak in the island’s charm.

Weekend Getaways: A weekend getaway (2-3 days) allows you to delve deeper into Sark’s beauty. You can take leisurely walks, visit historical sites like La Coupee, and enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride. This duration is perfect for couples and families seeking a short yet fulfilling Sark Visit.

Extended Stays: If you want to truly immerse yourself in Sark’s magic, consider staying for a week. This will give you ample time to explore the island’s hidden gems, do some outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, and stargazing, and soak up the local culture. If you’re a digital nomad that will be working for half the trip, this length of time is ideal. We went for this option, and it was perfect to see all of Sark’s highlights at a leisurely pace.

Best time to visit Sark?

Sark’s charm can be experienced year-round, however, I highly recommend visiting between July and August. This is the most popular time to visit Sark, thanks to its warm and sunny weather.

During Summer, the days are long, providing ample time for beach visits and making the most of all Sark has to offer. Do keep in mind that the island can get busier during this period, so be sure to book your Sark accommodation well in advance!

Interesting Facts About Sark

  • Sark is one of the few remaining places in the world where feudalism is still practiced. The island’s government, the Chief Pleas, consists of 28 landowners called tenants.
  • The island has its own distinct dialect, Sercquiais, which is a mix of Norman French and Old Norse.
  • Sark is home to a unique species of sheep called the Golden Guernsey, known for their golden fleece and gentle nature!

Best Global Travel Insurance

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A visit to Sark, Channel Islands, promises a magical experience like no other. With no cars and a serene natural environment, it is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. So, pack your bags and get ready to experience this dream destination, which has to be one of the best hidden gems in Europe!

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