Ultimate Guide to Princess Cruises (For First-timers)

Princess Cruises Guide: Royal Adventures on the High Seas 𓊝

Planning to go on your first cruise and not sure where to start? Read this handy cruise guide – packed with insider tips and advice on what to expect, how to prepare and mistakes to avoid. 

I’ve not long come back from my very first cruise on the best Princess cruise ship ever (the Enchanted Princess). This was a totally unforgettable experience, but being so new to cruise life, I wasn’t sure what to expect AT ALL!

The week before we left I spent scouring the internet for first time cruise tips, hassling literally anyone I knew had been on a cruise, and started to freak out about whether something would go wrong.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit this, but when I first booked this Princess cruise my main question was okay but ‘do cruise ships have enough lifeboats!?’ Clearly I’ve seen the Titanic far too many times!

In the end, I loved my cruise experience so much I want to buy an apartment on a cruise ship (can you believe this is now a thing?!)

Fun Facts About Cruises

What was the First Cruise Ship?

The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was built in 1901 by the American-Hamburg Company, and was the first ship that was specifically designed with cruising in mind.

What year did the first commercial cruise ship set sail?

The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the first cruise ship and it sailed from Hamburg to New York in 1901.

Who Brought Cruising Mainstream?

The iconic Love Boat series showcased the romance of the sea and the classy experience of the Princess brand, which started as a love story.

Princess was founded by Stanley B. McDonald, a former Canadian Pacific marketing executive, who named the cruise line after his wife, Princess Patricia of Connaught. Meaning love is in the Princess DNA as the original ”Love Boat” that brought cruising into the mainstream 🚢 ❤️

About Princess Cruises

We booked Princess Cruises as it was highly recommended by our friend Dan, who is a total cruise connoisseur.

If you’re looking for an amenity-filled ship that isn’t a floating amusement park, Princess Cruises is the ideal cruise line for you. Unlike many of its competitors, Princess doesn’t have sprawling waterparks, go-kart tracks and laser tag courses. Instead, it focuses on an “old school” vibe that brings comfortable elegance and warm service.

Instead of busy attractions, its top decks offer lots of relaxing pool and lounge areas where you can enjoy the experience of being at sea without a lot of commotion. Inside, the experience revolves around dining, showroom entertainment and an elegant bar scene. 

princess cruise

Princess Cruises Fleet

Princess is the world’s fifth-biggest cruise line by passenger capacity, with 15 ships that together offer more than 46,000 berths. The biggest Princess cruise ships are the Sky Princess and Enchanted Princess, measuring around 145,000 tons.

The Royal Class ships are the superior Princess fleet, as they are newer and more amenity-filled than the line’s other ships. They began rolling out in 2013 and carry about 3,600 passengers at double occupancy.

In case you’re curious, the name of the series links to the godmother of the original Royal Class vessel. Dubbed Royal Princess, it was famously christened by a member of the UK Royal Family, the Duchess of Cambridge. The cruise line’s first Royal Princess, which debuted in 1984, was christened by Diana, Princess of Wales.

royal princess

Cruise Ship Size Comparison: Does Size Matter on a Cruise?

When choosing your ideal cruise, the “size” should definitely be considered as you’ll need to think about the following:

  • Whether you are happy to walk long distances
  • Will sea-sickness be a potential issue
  • Are you hoping to visit smaller ports only accessible via smaller ships?

To help you pick your ideal cruise, you’ll find below a Size Infograph for Princess Cruises, courtesy of Gangwaze:

Destinations and Princess Cruise Itineraries

Princess Cruises sails to more than 100 countries on seven continents, from North America and Europe to Asia and Australia, and it offers a vast range of incredible itineraries.

The ships visit more than 380 different ports and destinations and more than 100 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In terms of voyages, you’ll find everything from three-day sampler to 111-day around-the-world trips.

Princess is renowned for its cruises to Alaska, where it dominates the market. In a average year, Princess deploys seven ships to Alaska every summer. It also operates its own wilderness lodges in the state, as well as tourist trains and buses, offering a range of 10- to 17-night Alaska “cruisetours” that combine a cruise with land-based touring.

The specific itinerary of each cruise varies, but usually you’ll have most of the day to explore each destination, either individually or with a group tour. But some people love the ship so much they opt to stay on board everyday instead (yes really!)

For Reference: Our Caribbean Cruise Itinerary:

princess cruise itinerary

Princess Cruises seems to always have an exciting array of excursions lined up in each new destination. On our itinerary, some of the options I wanted to do included things like yacht trips and visiting lush botanical gardens.

However, we failed to book the activities in advance and by the time we embarked they had totally sold out.

We ended up either picking our second choices or hiring a car and organising everything ourselves, which took away some of the fun and relaxation!

This doesn’t just apply to shore excursions – book spa treatments, experiences and anything where there’s a limited number of slots as far in advance as you can to avoid disappointment.

Sea Days on Princess Cruises

To my surprise, the sea days ended up being just as amazing as the port days. There’s an unbelievable amount of activities to choose from on Princess Cruises, from spa days to hitting the casino to playing a spot of bingo. There really is sooo much to enjoy.

I highly recommend attending every performance on offer of an evening, as the crew are extremely talented. We felt like we were in the West End when watching some of the incredible (and totally free) shows.

Who Sails on Princess Cruises?

Are Princess Cruises one of the Best Cruises for Young Adults?

I expected to see mostly elderly people on our Princess cruise, as it’s an older school kind of cruise line made for people looking to explore the world in a comfortable, classy way.

However, Princess actually attracts a wide demographic – there were so many young couples on our Caribbean cruise, perhaps because Princess offers a lot of globe-circling itineraries of the sort offered by high-end luxury lines, but at a much lower price. So overall, much to my surprise, it felt like one of the best cruises for young adults to be on!

With that being said, if you are looking for the best party cruises for young adults then I would suggest sailing with Carnival or Norwegian Cruise Line.

Princess also draws a lot of passengers celebrating milestones. The line markets heavily to people marking birthdays and anniversaries with special packages and programs. My partner and I happened to be celebrating our anniversary during our cruise and we were blown away by the treats we were given, from fresh flowers to spa passes, we were absolutely spoilt!

Princess is also a huge player in the market for destination weddings at sea, with a division that will help you arrange a ceremony on board or at an exotic location during a port call. It is, after all, the “Love Boat” line!

What Cabin or Suite to Pick on a Princess Cruise

When it comes to rooms, the majority of the accommodations on Princess ships fall into one of three categories: Windowless inside cabins, oceanview cabins and balcony cabins.We opted for a balcony cabin, which are widespread, as Princess was the pioneer in adding a large numbers of balcony cabins to ships.

If your budget can stretch, I highly recommend getting a balcony room. We ended up spending most evenings on our balcony – it was seriously amazing to sail past random islands, see new horizons come into focus and generally watch the world go by.

If you’re a bit of a gambler and don’t want to pay full price for a balcony room, why not try your luck and bid for the room you want. This option is available on Princess Cruises pre-departure.

One of our friends who was on the cruise with us bid $150 dollars and won a room with a large balcony!

Tip: Pick the Location of Your Cabin Wisely: Selecting the location of your cabin is crucial, especially if you’re prone to seasickness. Ideally, aim for a cabin situated in the centre of the ship and on a mid-level deck for the most stable experience – this position minimises the sensation of the ship’s movements. It’s also wise to steer clear of cabins near busy areas such as elevators or bars, as these spots tend to be noisy.

Dining on a Princess Cruise

Every Princess vessel has one to three main dining rooms which are at the heart of the dining experience. To ensure the time you want, it’s best to reserve a table in advance of your sailing, which you can do online once you’ve paid for the cruise.

But you also can make reservations on board or even show up to a dining room without a reservation. The food is seriously good. I still regularly think about the famous Love Boat Dream Dessert I ate every single night without fail!

Princess ships also have a casual buffet near the main pool area, usually called Horizon Court but is also known as the World Fresh Market or Panorama Buffet on some ships. We opted to have breakfast here every morning as the choice was fantastic and included-in-the-fare. Other inclusive options on Princess ships are the poolside pizza outlets and grills.

Generally speaking, Princess ships have at least a couple of extra-charge eateries. On most ships, you’ll find  a signature steakhouse offering premium beef and seafood cooked to order in an open, theatre-style kitchen, with a $39 per person cover charge. There’s also usually an elegant Italian restaurant, Sabatini’s. It serves homemade pasta, seafood and other Italian specialties, with a flat fee of $35 per person.

Princess ships also offer a Chef’s Table experience — a concept the line pioneered in the cruise world. Costing $95 – $115 per person, it includes pre-dinner cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the ship’s galley, with the executive chef, before having dinner at a private table in the Dining Room.

Another more recent dining option is a French eatery called Bistro Sur La Mer. The restaurant is currently found on Enchanted Princess, Sky Princess, Majestic Princess and Discovery Princess. It offers dishes created by star chef Emmanuel Renaut, whose incredible restaurant in the French Alps boasts three Michelin stars. Like the Princess steakhouses, it has a $39 per person cover charge.

For me, what really sets dining on Princess Ships apart is the service, it’s truly out of this world. On our cruise, as my partner and I were celebrating our anniversary, the staff really went out of their way to make it feel extra special. For instance, they made us a delightful chocolate cake and sang to us!  

Princess Cruise Entertainment and Activities

Princess ships have amazing entertainment on board that ranges from Broadway-style theatre shows to “street entertainers” who appear in the central piazza. However, they’re not floating amusement parks, which for me was part of the appeal!

Theatres and Shows:

There’s certainly no shortage of theatre and lounge entertainment on Princess ships.

On a typical night, you might find a fast-paced production show in the main theatre, a comedian performing in a lounge and live music in several venues.

In recent years, Princess has formed a partnership with Stephen Schwartz, the Tony Award-winning composer of “Wicked,” “Godspell” and “Pippin,” who has created an original number just for Princess.

Princess is also renowned for its karaoke nights, and it recently began holding a new “The Voice of the Ocean” competition during cruises, as a fun spinoff of the famous TV show. Here, you can compete in a live performance after auditions and rehearsal sessions with the shipboard band and backup singers. A team of coaches even sits in giant “I Want You” chairs just like on the show, and passengers then vote to choose the winner!

Other Interior Attractions and Activities:

On numerous ships, the hub of activity is the Piazza, which is a sprawling, multilevel space designed to look like a square in Italy. This area typically offers several shops, a coffee bar called International Cafe, a wine bar called Vines and (on some ships) additional bars and eateries.  

Every Princess ship also has a casino, often just off the Piazza, and a luxury spa. The Lotus Spa on the line’s Royal Class ships offers an extensive beauty salon and a thermal suite with a hydrotherapy pool, heated stone beds, a Turkish-style steam bath, as well as nearly two dozen treatment rooms.

Princess also offers a lot of enrichment activities on its ships. For example, the Discovery at Sea program includes activities like stargazing with a specialist. The program also brings naturalists on board in places like Alaska to offer insights. Culinary demonstrations, wine tastings and dance classes also popular on Princess ships.

Top-deck Attractions on Princess Cruises

Long ago Princess decided not to engage in the “amusement park arms race” taking place between lines operating big, resort-like ships.

However, the one big “attraction” that you will find on the top deck of Princess ships is a giant Movies Under the Stars screen, which is something Princess pioneered.

The screens show concerts and sporting events during the day, and of an evening they play movies with blankets and popcorn to really set the mood.

princess cruise

There are also tons of relaxing pool and lounge zones on the top-decks of Princess Ships. I especially loved the adult-only areas, which come with extra amenities like plush lounge chairs (for an additional fee).

Children’s Programs on Princess Cruises

Princess offers an extensive children’s program that gets top scores from parents!

The Princess Youth and Teen centres were recently rebranded “Camp Discovery” as part of the line’s partnership with Discovery Communications, and offers free, supervised, age-appropriate activities each day for kids aged between 3 – 17.

Experiences are designed to “help young Princess explorers learn, play and create fun memories.”

While the free childcare program ends at 10 pm, you can pay extra to leave your children at the shipboard Youth and Teen centres until 1 am. During these times your bundles of joy will be supervised in a group child-sitting service.

What to Know Before You Go on a Princess Cruise

Required documents

A passport is required for all international itineraries, including sailings to Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Africa, Europe, India, Central and South America, Panama Canal, Caribbean voyages (that visit Martinique or Guadeloupe), South Pacific, Tahiti and World Cruises.

Passports must be valid for at least six months. The name on your reservation must be exactly as it is stated on your passport or other official proof of nationality.

However, if you’re a U.S. citizen, you don’t need a passport for many domestic itineraries. You can instead travel with an official copy of your birth certificate and a driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID.


Princess adds an automatic service gratuity of $16 – $18 per person per day to final bills, depending on your cabin category.

If you’re unhappy with the service you receive, you can adjust this amount at the Guest Services desk before disembarking. You may even wish to increase the tip amount! Also, an 18% gratuity is added to bills at bars, dining room wine accounts and the spa.

Smoking Policy: Can you smoke on cruise ships?

On all ships, smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is only allowed in designated outdoor areas and cigar lounges, certain sections within nightclubs and at designated slot machines (for those who are playing in the casino).

Passengers caught smoking in their cabins will be charged a $250 fine per occurrence. But can you smoke on a cruise ship balcony? The short answer is no this is currently not permissible.

princess cruise

Carry-on drinks

Princess permits you to bring one bottle of wine or Champagne per person onto ships at boarding for no charge (as long as you are consuming in your room). You can bring more bottles of wine on board, but you will pay a $15 corkage fee per bottle.

Drinking age

You must be 21 to consume alcohol on many Princess itineraries. The exceptions include sailings between ports in Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand, and Singapore, where the drinking age is 18. For cruises between Japan ports, the drinking age is 20.

Electrical outlets

All vessels have standard North American-style, 110-volt outlets in rooms, and some also have European-style, 220-volt outlets and USB ports in cabins.


Princess ships have self-serve launderettes on cabin decks with washing machines, dryers, irons and ironing boards. There’s a $3 per load charge to use a washer or dryer.

The launderettes also have vending machines that dispense detergent and water softener at $1.50 per box. Vessels also offer extra-charge laundry and dry cleaning services.


princess cruise medallion
The Medallion: One of the Best Cruise Accessories!

Princess has been rolling out faster Wi-Fi systems, called MedallionNet, which has land-like speeds. Pricing changes, but the line recently charged $15 per day to connect a single device.

Its new MedallionClass system also brings expedited embarkation, keyless cabin entry, on-demand food and beverage delivery, and the ability to locate friends and family on board — all via your mobile device and Princess-issued Medallion.


The currency used on most Princess itineraries is U.S. dollars. All vessels operate on a “cashless system,” with any onboard purchases you make with your Medallion automatically going to your onboard account.

Dress code on Princess Cruises

During the day, there is no specific dress code, and people tend to dress casually. If it’s a sea day in a warm destination, most people dress like they’re headed to the beach.

In the evenings, there is a technically an official dress code for entering restaurants. Most nights are designated “smart casual,” which means pants and an open-neck shirt for men and skirts and dresses or slacks for women are expected, instead of beach attire.

One or more nights per cruise will be designated as a “formal” night when men are expected to turn out in suits with a tie or even a tuxedo. The suggested attire for women on these nights is evening gowns or cocktail dresses.

Note: On our ship this wasn’t strictly enforced, and people actually seemed to wear just about anything!

Check Whether Your Travel Insurance Includes Cruise Cover 

If you have annual travel insurance, check whether you are covered for cruises. If you don’t have insurance, be sure to buy a policy that covers cruises and for the whole duration of the trip. 

Cruise-specific insurance covers things like missing re-embarkation at a port or helping you join a cruise if you miss embarkation because of flight delays or bad weather. 

Handy Cruise Lingo to Help You Onboard  

  • Bow – Front of the ship 
  • Stern – Back of the ship 
  • Port – Left side of the ship when you’re facing the front (bow) 
  • Starboard – Right side of the ship when your facing the front (bow) 
  • Muster Station – The location you will need to assemble in case of an emergency. You are shown this area and given a demonstration on what to do in an emergency before the cruise sets off
  • Deck Plan – a plan of the ship. On Princess you could find the deck plan on each level by the lifts and also on the Princess MedallionClass app
  • Sea Day – Days when the ship is fully at sea and you don’t stop in a port. 

Princess Cruises’ Loyalty Program

Princess has a four-tier frequent cruiser program, the Captain’s Circle, that is absolutely worth joining for the perks. You reach the first tier, Gold, by literally taking a single cruise. From there, you move to each successive tier either by accruing a certain number of “cruise credits” or by sailing a certain number of days.

Reaching the Ruby level requires three cruise credits or 30 days on Princess ships. You’ll get Platinum status after gaining five cruise credits or 50 days on ships. Finally, the top Elite level requires 15 cruise credits or 151 cruise days.

In most cases, members will earn one cruise credit for every cruise they take. However, those who book a suite or travel solo in a cabin meant for two will receive two cruise credits. The number of cruise credits you have earned is therefore often the same as the number of cruises you have taken, but not in every case.

For lower tiers (Gold and Ruby) you’ll receive things like an invite to a private party, and a free upgrade to your travel insurance package when buying it through the line. Higher levels of the program are seriously enticing. The second-to-highest tier, Platinum, brings such perks as priority check-in and a free internet package. The top Elite level gives you seriously incredible benefits, like an exclusive window to preview and book new sailings, priority ship-to-shore water shuttle services, and a complimentary minibar setup.

Members at all tier levels will get access to special pricing on certain cruises and will receive a monthly newsletter and membership pin.

What I love about cruise line loyalty programs is that in contrast to airline frequent flyer programs, they do not require you to re-qualify for status every year. So, in just a couple of years it would be relatively easy to hit the more rewarding higher-level tiers.

True Cost of a Princess Cruise

Princess ships are definitely affordable. For example, it’s relatively easy to find Princess voyages to the Caribbean starting under $100 per person, per night, including all taxes and fees (especially in the offseason such as September, October, November, and parts of December).

Our 10-day Caribbean cruise in December – January 2023 was an absolute bargain and started at just $399 per person (for an inside cabin), plus taxes and fees of $140.  

When you book is generally important. Cruises book up much further in advance than airplanes or hotels. The best pricing for any given sailing is usually when cruises first go on sale (which can be two years before a departure!) Booking far in advance also gives you the best chance of getting your preferred cabin type and location on the ship.

Once on board a Princess ship, you’ll pay extra for most drinks, extra-charge restaurants, spa treatments, shore excursions, internet and a few other things, unless you’ve bought a package for some of these items in advance. For example, the line’s new Princess Plus plan gives passengers pre-paid gratuities, a single-device Wi-Fi plan and a basic beverage package for a bundled price of $50 per person, per day.

How to Book a Cruise: Best Travel Agent for Princess Cruises

If you’re sure you know what sort of cabin you want, on which ship, on which itinerary — head to Princess.com to make a booking directly. Otherwise it may be worth using a seasoned travel agent to assist.

If you are looking for the best travel agent for cruises, then you can actually use Princesses own Travel Agent Locator, all you have to do is enter your zip code.

Follow the Instructions Sent Prior to Embarkation 

Different cruise lines use different methods to prepare you for your time on board, so it’s essential to follow the instructions they provide to ensure a smooth cruise experience. Doing so will definitely make your experience much more enjoyable and hassle-free.

Princess Cruises innovative OceanMedallion, allows you to use a personal medallion for payments, embarking and disembarking, booking entertainment, and more.

This system proved to be incredibly efficient, especially since I could complete all necessary forms on Princess’ website and the dedicated MedallionClass App before the cruise. I then simply had to collect the Medallion upon embarking. The process eliminated queues, paperwork, and complicated luggage instructions.

Plan Your Port Days

One of the most attractive aspects of cruises is the chance to sample multiple destinations during a single journey, so it would be a real pity not to maximise this opportunity on your vacay!

Shore Excursions vs. Independent Port Days

Both options have their pros and cons, and ultimately, the choice will depend on personal preference.

Shore excursions offer a hassle-free experience – just show up at the appointed time, and the excursion will ensure your timely return to the ship.

However, they tend to be relatively pricey, and your day may be limited to what’s included in the excursion, with little flexibility for independent exploration.

Choosing an independent port day gives you complete control over your activities while the ship is docked, but it requires planning and the responsibility of ensuring you return to the ship on time!

An alternative is to find a balance by booking a private guided tour through an independent operator.

What to Pack for Your First Cruise

Whether you are looking at what to pack for a 7 day cruise, a 10 day cruise or even a 14 day cruise, the below are all important things to remember!

what to pack for a cruise

When you get onto your cruise, you will check in your luggage separately. Ours turned up really quickly (it was already waiting for us in our room) but it can take a little while.

Make sure you have what you need for the first couple of hours in your carry on, including essentials like medication and your passport.

I also recommend bringing your swimming gear in your carry on – heaven forbid you have to wait for your luggage to show up before you can jump in the pool!

This isn’t an exhaustive list just some of the main things people often forget to bring on a cruise:

Pack Sea-Sickness Tablets 

Few experiences can dampen your cruise as much seasickness. While cruise ships are designed to handle rough seas, even the most experienced cruisers can succumb to seasickness. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and pack seasickness tablets.

Formal Attire for Formal Night 

Don’t be a rookie and leave your formal clothes at home – dress up for dinner and feel like a million dollars. You’ll love seeing pictures of yourself looking fabulous on your first cruise!

An Adapter 

Check whether you’ll need to bring an adapter with you – they’ll sell them on the ship but they’ll be more expensive. 


Sunscreen is essential in every weather, and particularly on a cruise, with UV exposure amplified by sunlight reflection off water surfaces and varying weather.

Over the years I’ve tested literally hundreds of SPFs and my all-time favourite is SunBum – not an ad it’s just amazing! SunBum smells divine, doesn’t stain your clothes and is super easily absorbed.

Drone advice

Currently drones are not allowed onboard Princess cruises. We actually had ours confiscated upon entering the ship, but we were able to collect it when we disembarked.

We weren’t allowed to use it even on port days where drones are allowed, so do keep this in mind if you were planning to bring yours onboard.

Forget plastic sims – use an E-sim

On our cruise, for the port days, we downloaded Airalo, which is an incredible app that gives you a variety of data packages to help make your cruise as easy as possible!

⚠️ First Time Cruise Mistakes To Avoid ⚠️

Parking in the Port

It’s almost guaranteed to be more expensive to park in the port than elsewhere. Check whether there’s a secure parking spot within a comfortable distance and park there instead (or perhaps get an Uber or taxi).

Forgetting to Manually Change The Time on Your Phone 

This is an easy first time cruise mistake, as you pass through different time zones on a cruise, but not necessarily in tandem with the natural alignment of the time zone. 

Although Princess will no doubt tell you about it in advance, and you’ll generally receive a couple of reminders the night before, just make sure you manually set your phone to the correct time.  

Missing the Re-Embarkation Time on a Port Day 

We’ve all seen those videos of people running after the cruise ship, a look of horror and mortification on their face as it slowly pulls out of the harbour. Don’t be one of those people… triple-check what time you need to be in port and then get there even earlier!

This unfortunately happened on our cruise (while in B.V.I.) and everyone on their balconies helplessly waved goodbye to the lady who tried to re-embark 30 minutes late! Perhaps she forgot to change the time on her phone?!

Booking Your Flight to Arrive too Close to Sail Away 

I completely get why you might want to book your flight as close to the cruise departure time as possible. You might be keen to avoid paying for a hotel room and not squander a valuable vacation day.

These may seem like valid reasons. However, consider the alternative – are these reasons sufficient to risk the anxiety of missing your cruise due to a flight delay? Probably not!

Keep in mind the video of the man chasing after the cruise ship and let it serve as a guiding force in your decision-making process!

Not Attending the Sail Away Party 

The sail away party is amazing – partying on deck as the ship pulls out of the harbour is the ideal way to start your cruise experience.

The party will usually feature some of the entertainment you’ll find onboard throughout the rest of your cruise, so it gives you a taster of what you should 100% be making time for in your calendar!

Not Making the Most of the Onboard Activities 

Two words: Rock Opera!

Princess offers so many daily activities, and although I don’t advise exhausting yourself by attempting to do all of them, it would be unfortunate not to try a few at least.

A perfect example? I hesitantly attended Princess’ Rock Opera, thinking I wouldn’t enjoy it since I’m not a huge fan of musicals. However, either I had overlooked the details or simply misjudged my preferences, but Rock Opera turned out to be a standout experience of my trip – and it was included in the fare!

rock opera

Not Being Friendly to the Crew

Of course, you’re on a Princess cruise to indulge in your luxurious vacation – but it’s the crew who truly bring it to life.

Unfortunately, you may witness people acting rudely towards the crew or neglecting basic courtesies like saying please and thank you.

Small gestures like these can greatly enhance the cruise experience for everyone. You also can’t predict the perks the crew might offer – complimentary champagne, perhaps?

To get the most out of your next cruise, I also recommend reading this article for some top tips from a fellow cruiser!


Embarking on your first cruise can be an unforgettable experience. As you prepare to set sail, remember to plan ahead and embrace the spirit of adventure!

By following the tips and advice provided in my cruise guide, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate your maiden voyage with confidence and ease.

With a little preparation and an open mind, your first cruise is sure to be the start of many more incredible journeys on the high seas.

Bon voyage! 🌅

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