Awesome Amusement Parks in Jaipur for an Epic Day Out

Incredible Amusement Parks in Jaipur

Jaipur (India) is a city steeped in cultural and historical significance, with numerous attractions showcasing its rich heritage.

This fascinating place currently stands as one of the most visited tourist spots in Rajasthan, capturing the true essence of the state’s culture.

Beyond its historical landmarks, there are some incredible amusement parks in Jaipur, packed with awesome rides and attractions. For those looking to beat the city’s heat this summer, its water parks are a refreshing escape.

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out my list of top Amusement Parks in Jaipur to explore:

#1 Sunrise Dreamworld

Stay cool this summer at Sunrise Dreamworld, which is an eco-friendly amusement park in Jaipur that’s spread over 10 acres of land.

This clean and well-maintained amusement park has something for everyone, including a water park, some incredibly fun rides and games, as well as a rejuvenating spa and pool to cool off in.

Sunrise Dreamworld is the one resort in this part of India where guests can enjoy limitless activities and well-equipped suites, offering endless fun and entertainment under one roof.

This amusement park even puts on traditional cultural events like Rajasthani-Gujrati folk music, folk dance and fire dance, making it one of the most diverse amusement parks in Jaipur.

  • Location: Delhi-Chandwaji-Ajmer Bypass Express Highway, Village Sar (Bilochi) Jaipur, Delhi-Ajmer Exp, Rajasthan – 303805
  • Entry Fees: INR 700 per person for adults and INR 550 per child.
  • Opening Hours: Open everyday from 10:00am to 7:00pm.

#2 Appu Ghar

Located within the Aravali Mountains in Jaipur’s iconic pink city, Appu Ghar offers a fun-filled day out and an ideal escape from the city’s intense heat.

Covering a vast 300-acre expanse, this entertainment and water park is a fun place for all ages, promising a mix of adventurous and leisure activities.

While children can have fun in their dedicated play zone, adults can indulge in a range of exciting games here like Air Hockey, Dart, Cricket, and Pool.

For adrenaline seekers, there are some amazing attractions at this Jaipur amusement park, like Dirt Biking, Paintball, and Archery. There’s even a lush green 9-hole golf course within its premises!

Younger visitors will love the toy train and helicopter rides, as well as the water slides and rides, which offer some refreshing fun for everyone.

For those feeling peckish, there’s kiosks serving tasty snacks and drinks, and a restaurant that dishes out delicious vegetarian meals.

Overall, Appu Ghar is this is one of the top amusement Parks in Jaipur, especially if you’ll be bringing the kids!

  • Location: Near Daulathpura Toll Gate, Delhi Ajmer Bypass Rd, near Vishwakarma Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302013
  • Opening Hours: Everyday from 8:30am until 7:00pm.
  • Entry Fees: INR 100 for adults and INR 50 per child.

#3 Wonderland Amusement Park

Wonderland Amusement Park is one of the best amusement parks in Jaipur, attracting people from all over the country to experience its incredible activities.

This park is also located conveniently close to the popular tourist destinations of the Pink City, including Albert Hall MuseumJantar MantarJohri Bazar, and more, making it the perfect day out for all the family.

At Wonderland Amusement Park you can escape Jaipur’s scorching heat as you dance under the simulated rain or dive into the refreshing pools. Don’t forget to check out the wave pool and the captivating water rides here either.

Plus, if you’re craving an adventure, you can even go bungee jumping, ride on the Giant Wheel or brave the bumper cars!

When you start to feel peckish, there’s also a variety of food outlets within this meticulously maintained park, serving tasty snacks and meals, making it the ideal place to spend the day relaxing and having a good time with your loved ones.

  • Location: Plot no. 1571, Manglam Industrial Park, Near Manoharpur toll plaza Jaipur, Rajasthan
  • Opening Hours: Open everyday from 10:00am to 6:00pm.
  • Entry Fees: For Adults INR 650 per person and INR 350 per child.

#4 Chokhi Dhani

Literally meaning Rajasthani Culture, Chokhi Dhani is a super luxurious 5-star resort and amusement park in Jaipur.

Covering a vast 10-acres, this site was established in 1989 to emulate a quintessential Rajasthani village. It vividly showcases the state’s culture, heritage, traditions, art, and cuisine, giving insights into the life of the Rajputs. As a result, it’s become a favoured destination for day trips among families and friends.

Chokhi Dhani offers an array of intriguing activities. From witnessing captivating reenactments of the Haldighati Battle to becoming engrossed in traditional dance and music presentations, there’s no shortage of cultural things to do here.

Beyond the cultural escapade, Chokhi Dhani also offers a world of adventure. You can elevate your day out with artificial caves and waterfalls, a ‘Jungle Sair’ safari, and fun games like Bhool Bhulaiya and darts.

After experiencing a refreshing Rajasthani day out, why not treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa treatment, some unique local crafts, and finally a feast to end. theday, relishing both authentic Rajasthani and diverse global cuisines.

  • Location: 12 Mile Tonk Road via Vatika, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 303905
  • Entry Fees: INR 750 per adult and INR 450 per child.
  • Opening Hours: Open all days of the week from 5:00pm to 11:00pm.

#5 Elefantastic

Situated in the heart of Rajasthan’s capital, Elefantastic reimagines what an elephant sanctuary can be. The elephants here are well cared for and the sanctuary is dedicated to animal welfare, which makes it one of the top-ranked amusement parks in Jaipur.

A unique feature of Elefantastic is its focus on immersing visitors in the daily lives of elephants. From the crack of dawn, you can witness the elephants routines, observing their bathing rituals. The bond between the elephants and their mahouts is evident and marked by deep care and animal compassion.

Visitors are treated to an exclusive elephant ride, emblematic of Rajasthan’s regal legacy. With trained elephants keenly waiting, tourists can embark on a majestic journey and even hire expert photographers to capture every moment. For a more intimate experience, you can bathe alongside an elephant, feeling the gentle spray from its trunk.

If you’re touched by the level of care at Elefantastic, they offer an adoption program, allowing you to support both the elephants and their caring mahouts, benefiting the broader community. The sanctuary serves as a fantastic place for kids to bond with these gentle giants, offering them an authentic taste of nature’s splendour.

  • Location: 90, Chandra Mahal Colony, Delhi Road, Amber, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302028
  • Opening Hours: Open everyday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Entry Fees: INR 3500 per adult, INR 1750 for children under 12 and free for children under 4.

#6 Angel Resort and Amusement Park

Angel Resort and Amusement Park is one of the biggest and best water parks in Jaipur, offering a mix of adventure, comfort, and luxury for both travellers and locals. It’s also the perfect place to escape the summer heat.

Positioned as a holistic family resort, the property covers an impressive 22-acre lush green expanse, boasting both water park and amusement park amenities, making it an ideal choice for either a weekend of fun or a family adventure.

The water park section of Angel Resort is open to both overnight guests and day visitors, offering epic water slides, splash zones, lazy rivers, and more.

With pools tailored to various depths, even the little ones can safely enjoy this fantastic resort, making it the perfect spot to relax and rejuvenate amidst the heat of Jaipur.

With 59 elegantly designed rooms and an eco-conscious lobby, the resort provides a tranquil escape and an ideal place for visitors to stay.

Angel Resort is also equipped to host large business or social gatherings, which solidifies the resort as one of the best amusement parks to stay at in Jaipur.

  • Location: 20th Mile Stone, Eden Garden Sikar Road, NH-11, Rajawas, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302013
  • Entry Fees: For Adults (above 4ft height) INR 300 per person and INR 200 per child.
  • Opening Hours: Open everyday from 10:30am to 6:30pm.

#7 Sunshine Resort and Water Park

Sunshine Resort and Water Park is one of the most popular and affordable water parks in Jaipur. Conveniently, you can also stay at the resort, making it easy to visit the water park for a refreshing dip during hot summer days.

The park offers a range of attractions, slides, and large pools catering to people on a tight budget.

One of the top highlights of the Sunshine Resort is its rain dance area, which is well known for closely mirroring natural rainfall.

At the water park you’ll find a wave pool with state-of-the-art technology capable of generating waves up to 5 feet high! You can also enjoy thrilling waterslides, a high-end sound system and DJ, as well as separate pools for children and adults.

Ideal for social gatherings, Sunshine Resort and Water Park is the go-to venue for private pool parties and hanging out with loved ones in Jaipur. It’s also a favoured destination for hosting a variety of events, from festive celebrations like Holi and Diwali parties to birthdays, weddings, and pre-wedding festivities.

  • Location: Bandi Puliya Near Toll Plaza At Tatiawas, Sikar Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302013
  • Entry Fees: For Adults (over 4ft in height) INR 500 per person and INR 350 per child.
  • Opening Hours: Open every day of the week from 10:00am to 8:00pm.

#8 Pink Pearl Water Park and Fun City

Pink Pearl Water Park and Fun City is a Jaipur-based amusement park that seamlessly combines accommodation and recreational activities, offering both sports and leisure pursuits.

Visitors can delve into a range of activities in the adventure zone, including Pool Tables, Mini Golf, Air Hockey, and other fun games. Young thrill-seekers will also love options like rock climbing, go-karting, and parachuting.

For those looking to cool down from the scorching heat, there’s a wave pool to splash around in, as well as waterslides and a lazy river.

Kids can hop on merry-go-round rides, the dragon train, or bumper boats, AND there’s even an Aqua Disco, where you can dance to the latest tracks spun by a DJ! So this has to be one of the coolest amusement parks in Jaipur!

For accommodation and dining, the Pink Pearl Hotel provides guest rooms, conference facilities, a gym, a bar, and three uniquely themed restaurants, as well as some entertainment options. Essential amenities like Wi-Fi, room service, and laundry are all readily available.

  • Location: NH – 8, Ajmer-Jaipur Expressway Near Mahapura, Mod, Bhakrota, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302026
  • Entry Fees: For Adults INR 500 per person (weekdays) or INR 600 per person (weekends) and INR 350 per child.
  • Opening Hours: Open everyday from 10:30am to 7:30pm.

#9 Hotel Apano Rajasthan and Holiday Resort

Nestled within the natural beauty of Rajasthan is Hotel Apano Rajasthan and Holiday Resort, a sanctuary within the bustling pink city of Jaipur.

Just a 15-minute drive from the city’s major shopping area, this haven offers a refreshing break from the urban hustle and bustle, catering to both nature enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers.

Apano Rajasthan stands out as one of Jaipur’s best amusement parks, offering tons of rides and adventures for all ages, as well as a lazy river, rain dance and giant slides. The dedicated children’s park ensures the little ones are entertained, allowing adults to rejuvenate by the pool!

Other attractions at Hotel Apano include incredible performances showcasing Rajasthani folk dance and the energetic Punjabi Bhangra. Visitors can also do camel rides, watch puppet shows, and do an array of other traditional activities.

In addition to its amusement water park, the resort boasts a luxurious hotel for visitors, with guests enjoying complimentary access to its water park.

This gorgeous resort houses opulent villas and rooms, diverse dining options, and indoor tennis facilities. So, if you’re looking for an amazing amusement park in Jaipur that has something for everyone – this is the place to be!

  • Location: Hotel Apano Rajasthan & Holiday Resort, Harmara Ghati, Sikar Chomu Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302032
  • Entry Fees: For Adults INR 599 per person and INR 399 per child.
  • Opening Hours: Open everyday from 10:00am to 10:00pm.

I hope this post on the most epic Amusement Parks in Jaipur helps you plan a fun day out this summer! 🎑🏰🎠πŸŽͺπŸŽ’πŸ¦„

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