Blog Post Inspiration: 100 Ideas for Your Next Blog

Blogging Ideas To Help You Get Started ✎𓂃

Here’s a crazy stat: 90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years! Impressive to think about, right? So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that blogging has become a global phenomenon. Blogs have literally morphed people into media powerhouses, experts, and even TV personalities.

However, this doesn’t mean that starting a blog will lead to instant success. Especially as there is more content out there than ever.

In order to see success, you need to do 3 key things:

╰┈➤ Regularly blog over an extended period; and

╰┈➤ Create content that is genuinely useful and/or entertaining.

╰┈➤ Ensure your content is original and written for people (you don’t want to sound like a robot!)

It sounds simpler than it actually is, which is why many blogs don’t succeed. It’s not always because the blogger isn’t skilled. Many people quit just before they start to see results.

So, how do you generate an abundance of excellent content? You should have at least fifty blog ideas before you begin. This will provide you with around a year’s worth of content if you blog once a week. If you plan on blogging more frequently, of course you will need more.

This doesn’t mean that these blog ideas are the be-all and end-all, or even that you have to use them. The key is to know you can write about a subject at least 50 times. Because the fact of the matter is, you’re going to have to do a lot of writing about this subject.

Now, let’s cut to the point and simplify things. If you’re ready to brainstorm blog post ideas for your own site, try using some of these ⁀➷

100 Blog Post Ideas for the New (or Established Blogger)

In this post, I’ll cut right to the point and make things easy. If you’re ready to come up with blog post ideas for your own site try using some of the following. Feel free to modify as needed and come up with your own too.

Lessons and Mistakes

  1. 10 Crucial Lessons I Learned from [Insert Your Niche Subject]
  2. Mistakes to Avoid When [Subject]
  3. Reasons You Should Do [x]
  4. Important Life Lessons That Changed My Perspective on [x]
  5. Tips to Improve [subject]
  6. Why Mistakes in [subject] are Your Greatest Learning Lessons
  7. Life Lessons I Wish I’d Known in My Twenties
  8. Common Mistakes to Avoid in [Niche] and How to Correct Them
  9. Top Life Lessons From Experts/Influencers
  10. 10 Crucial Lessons From My First Year as a [Digital Nomad]


  1. Best Tools for [subject]
  2. Top Free Tools for [subject] in [2023]
  3. Tool of the Week/Month/Year for [subject]
  4. App of the Week/Month/Year for [subject]
  5. My Favourite Tools to Improve [subject]
  6. Tool/App Review
  7. How [x] Tool Helped Improve [x]
  8. Case Studies of Different Tools and How They Have helped Others
  9. Mistakes I’ve Made in Relation to Using [X tool]
  10. How to Get The Most Out of [insert name of tool]


  1. Ultimate Guide to [subject]
  2. How to Become an Expert in [subject]
  3. [X] Tips from Experts
  4. Guides to Read to Become an Expert in [subject]
  5. Expert Interview on [x]
  6. Top Ideas in [Niche] From the Experts
  7. Expert Round up
  8. [X] Quotes from Experts on [subject]
  9. How I Used Expert Advice to Do [Y]
  10. Case Study Examples on [subject] from Experts

Reads and Books

  1. Best Articles to Learn [subject]
  2. Favourite Reads from Around the Web in [subject]
  3. Monthly Roundup
  4. End of Year Round Up
  5. Curated Content from [X] Sites
  6. Book Review
  7. Book Summaries
  8. Best eBooks/ Books to Read for [subject]
  9. Best Articles to Learn [subject]
  10. What I learnt From [X] Book/ article

Customers and Readers

  1. Answering Frequently Asked Questions on [subject]
  2. Featured Customers
  3. Case Studies on [subject]
  4. Testimonials on [subject]
  5. Video Q+A re [subject]
  6. Customer Service Tips/Advice re [subject]
  7. How to Get More Customers in [niche]
  8. Reader’s Favourite Posts/Content/Tips
  9. Tips from the Experts on Increasing Customers
  10. Top Ways I got More Customers in [niche]

Teaching and Networking

  1. Step By Step How to Do [subject]
  2. Free Courses/Guides on [subject]
  3. Learning [subject] for Dummies
  4. Video on How to Do [subject]
  5. Ultimate Guide on How to do [subject]
  6. Best Conferences to Attend for [subject]
  7. What I Learned at [X] Conference
  8. [X] Networking Tips
  9. Mistakes I’ve made re [subject] and what I’ve learnt from them
  10. Expert Tips on How to do [subject]


  1. Life Hacks
  2. Morning Routines for Success
  3. Nightly Routines for Success
  4. Daily Routines for Success
  5. How to be More Productive
  6. How to be Healthier / Happier
  7. Case Studies of the Lifestyle of Successful People
  8. What I Discovered by Doing [lifestyle hack] for [1] month
  9. A Week in the Life
  10. Favourite Quotes


  1. Insider Travel Tips
  2. Favourite Travel Destinations
  3. Best Packing Tips
  4. Favourite Tools for Travel
  5. Favourite Apps for Travel
  6. Tips on Budget Travelling
  7. Hotspots in [Destination]
  8. Travel Horror Stories
  9. Best Books/Movies on Travel
  10. [X] Hidden Secrets About [Destination]

Social Media

  1. Top Social Media Accounts to Follow in [niche]
  2. The Most Successful Instagram Accounts in [niche]
  3. The Best Facebook Accounts in [niche]
  4. The Best Twitter Accounts in [niche]
  5. The Best YouTube Videos in [niche]
  6. How to Set Up Social Media [e.g. TikTok business]
  7. How to Get Followers on Social Media
  8. Top Brands in [niche] / Most Successful People in Social Media
  9. Social Media Case Study
  10. Lessons I Learnt from Social Media


  1. Your Background / Life Story
  2. Coolest Experiences
  3. Hobbies
  4. Bucket List Experiences
  5. A Day in the Life
  6. Funny Story
  7. Embarrassing Story
  8. Biggest Life Lessons Learned
  9. Advice to Younger Self
  10. Favourite Podcasts

So here’s a challenge for you…

Go through this article, then set a 30-minute timer. Jot down as many potential blog ideas as possible related to your specific niche or subject.

It doesn’t matter about the quality of the ideas at this stage, just focus on generating them. Don’t let an empty page intimidate you – draw inspiration from the ideas shared in this post.

If you engage in this easy brainstorming activity just once a month, you’ll be amazed at the number of ideas you accumulate. Happy Blogging!

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