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The Best AI Travel Planner

Don’t have time or the energy to find the answers to all your travel questions? Or simply want to streamline your journey using the best routes? Then look no further than GuideGeek! The best part is that this amazing AI travel planner is completely free to use.

You can send GuideGeek a message on WhatsApp for literally almost any travel related question you can think of! It uses OpenAI’s tech + real time info (such as flight data) to instantly advise you on the best travel deals and places to stay, eat, and explore.

This AI travel planner is truly epic!

Screen shot of my conversation with GuideGeek on WhatsApp ↓

How I used AI to Travel Plan:

Believe it or not, I literally use AI to plan a month-long trip to Portugal in seconds.

I tested GuideGeek with some of the more complex planning elements of our Portugal trip and was quite impressed.

For example, when I asked GuideGeek to ”help me plan a 4 week trip across Portugal, starting and ending in Lisbon”, this is the super helpful answer I got:

”Absolutely! A 4 week trip to Portugal sounds incredible. Here is a suggested itinerary:

Week 1: Lisbon (3 nights), Sintra (1 night), Cascais (2 nights), Lagos (2 nights)

Week 2: Lagos (2 nights), Tavira (2 nights), Faro (1 night), Evora (2 nights)

Week 3: Coimbra (2 nights), Douro Valley (3 nights), Porto (3 nights)

Week 4: Aveiro (1 night), Nazaré (2 nights), Obidos (1 night), Silves (3 nights), Lisbon (1 night)

This itinerary allows you to explore some of the top destinations in Portugal, including the vibrant cities of Lisbon and Porto, the stunning coastline of Lagos and Faro, and the charming towns of Obidos and Tavira. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample the country’s famous Port wine in the Douro Valley.

If you have any specific interests or activities you’d like to include in your itinerary, I can definitely tailor this to suit your preferences.”


I then asked GuideGeek for the ”most Instagrammable photo spots and the best restaurants” in each of the locations it recommended, and was equally impressed with the instantaneous response:

”Sure thing! Here are a few of the most popular Instagrammable photo spots and best restaurants in each of the locations you mentioned:


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Belem Tower, Alfama neighborhood, LX Factory, Miradouro da Senhora do Monte viewpoint, Sao Jorge Castle, Pink Street
  • Best restaurants: Time Out Market, Cervejaria Ramiro (seafood), O Prego da Peixaria (burgers), Taberna da Rua das Flores (Portuguese tapas), Solar dos Presuntos (traditional Portuguese cuisine)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Palace of Pena, Castle of the Moors, Quinta da Regaleira, Monserrate Palace
  • Best restaurants: Romaria de Baco (Portuguese tapas), Apeadeiro (seafood), Tascantiga (Portuguese cuisine), Cafe Saudade (local bakery)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Boca do Inferno, Cascais Beach, Cascais Marina, Santa Marta Lighthouse
  • Best restaurants: House of Wonders (vegetarian/vegan), Mar do Inferno (seafood), Antonio Padeiro (Portuguese cuisine), Cafe Galeria House of Wonders (brunch)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Ponta da Piedade cliffs, Camilo Beach, Praia Do Pinhão, Lagos Marina, Dona Ana Beach
  • Best restaurants: Nah Nah Bah (gourmet burgers), O Camilo (seafood), Restaurante Reis (Portuguese cuisine), Quay Lagos (international cuisine)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Roman Bridge, Tavira Castle, Arraial Ferreira Neto, Praia do Barril, Cabanas Beach
  • Best restaurants: Food & Friends (international cuisine), Meson Andaluz (Spanish cuisine), Aquasul (Portuguese cuisine), Trinca (Portuguese tapas)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Old Town, Cathedral of Faro, Ria Formosa Natural Park
  • Best restaurants: Vila Adentro (Portuguese cuisine), Faz Gostos (international cuisine), Tasca Rasca (Portuguese tapas), Cervejaria Alianca (seafood)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Roman Temple of Evora, Cathedral of Evora, Chapel of Bones, Almendres Cromlech
  • Best restaurants: Fialho (Portuguese cuisine), O Caldeirao (Portuguese tapas), Taberna Típica Quarta Feira (local cuisine), Momentos (fine dining)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Coimbra University, Jardim Botânico, Portugal dos Pequenitos, Santa Clara-a-Velha Monastery
  • Best restaurants: Solar do Bacalhau (Portuguese cuisine), Arcadas do Capítulo (fine dining), Ze Manel dos Ossos (Portuguese tapas), Tapas nas Costas (Portuguese tapas)

Douro Valley:

  • Instagrammable photo spots: The terraced vineyards, Pinhao railway station, Quinta da Pacheca, Castelo de Numao, the Douro river
  • Best restaurants: DOC (fine dining), Cozinha da Clara (local cuisine), Castas e Pratos (Portuguese tapas), Restaurante Toca da Raposa (regional cuisine)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Ribeira district, Dom Luis I Bridge, Lello Bookstore, Clerigos Tower, Serralves Museum, Livraria Lello
  • Best restaurants: The Yeatman (fine dining), Apego (Portuguese tapas), Casa Guedes (sandwiches), Flow (vegan/vegetarian), Antiqvvm (Mediterranean-inspired cuisine)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Moliceiro boat rides, Aveiro canals, Mercado do Peixe (fish market)
  • Best restaurants: Salpoente (fine dining), Mercantel (Portuguese tapas), O Batista (local cuisine), Cravo e Canela (Portuguese cuisine)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Praia do Norte (famous for big wave surfing), Nazare Lighthouse, Nazare Beach
  • Best restaurants: A Celeste (seafood), Restaurante Mar Bravo (Portuguese cuisine), Chico Elias (Portuguese tapas), Refugio do Pescador (fish market)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Obidos Castle, Rua Direita (medieval street), Igreja de Sao Tiago (church)
  • Best restaurants: A Nova Casa de Ramiro (Portuguese cuisine), Petiscaria O Conquistador (Portuguese tapas), Cozinha do Castelo (fine dining), Tasca Torta (local cuisine)


  • Instagrammable photo spots: Silves Castle, Ponte Romana de Silves, Igreja de Nossa Senhora dos Martires, Pego do Inferno waterfall
  • Best restaurants: Marisqueira Rui (seafood), Xerife (Portuguese cuisine), Restaurante FISS (international cuisine)”


AI Travel Planner: The Verdict

Not only do the responses accurately answer my question, but they also give me lots of ideas that would have taken me days to plan myself, by sorting through the endless streams of information online.

It’s just like having a 24/7 personal travel assistant in your pocket. I’m literally obsessed with this AI travel planner. So, why not use GuideGeek today to start planning your next trip for free? This is easily one of the best travels hacks of the last decade!

A Word of Caution

At this point, I feel as though I should quickly mention a couple of downsides of using AI to help you plan your adventures.

Firstly, AI will never be able to give you its personal recommendations and real life feedback (which is where bloggers are invaluable!) For example, on my most recent trip to Lisbon, I discovered that the Time Out Market is now extremely hectic and far less enjoyable than I remember it, due to the intense crowd situation. This kind of insider insight is not really something an AI travel planner is built to advise on.

Also, as amazing as AI travel planners are, this is still an emerging area and sometimes errors can occur. If you do use AI to help you travel plan, I highly recommend doing some fact checking before booking anything, as sometimes the information may not always be correct or current.

AI Travel Planner: Final Thoughts

Overall, I think using a mix of an AI travel planner to cut through masses of online information and then reading your favourite travel bloggers recommendations is probably the best way to plan your adventures.

I hope this guide on the best AI Travel Planners helps you plan your own adventures with ease! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

PS. Don’t forget to share this handy AI Travel blog with all your adventurous loved ones!

Happy Travels! 🤖

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